Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wacky Weather

It is weird stuff:

In the freezing foothills of Montana, a distinctly bitter blast of revolution hangs in the air.

And while the residents of the icy city of Missoula can stave off the -10C chill with thermals and fires, there may be no easy remedy for the wintry snap's repercussions.

The temperature has shattered a 36-year record. Further into the heartlands of America, the city of Billings registered -12C on Sunday, breaking the 1959 barrier of -5C.

Closer to home, Austria is today seeing its earliest snowfall in history with 30 to 40 centimetres already predicted in the mountains.
Such dramatic falls in temperatures provide superficial evidence for those who doubt that the world is threatened by climate change.

Well, I don't know about that, but it is becoming harder to argue all of the extreme winter weather we've been seeing the last few years (all time record cold in Argentina and Brazil last year, earliest snow fall in recorded history in Austria, etc.) is "consistent" with Global Warming.

Of course, if this continues for a few more years we will get the chicken littles merely reversing direction (again) and they will issue dramatic calls to reverse Anthropogenic Global Cooling.

I'll think that is just as stupid.

(Oh, and here in western Wisconsin we had some snow for four days straight, Oct. 8-11. Weird.)


Anonymous said...

No, no, the cooling is part of the warming--that's the beauty of a self-actualizing hypothesis. I honestly think that so many people are so deeply invested in the AGW hypothesis, that it will take at least 10 years before it is finally allowed to fade into into obscurity.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

You are probably right.

Meanwhile we have had the coldest first two weeks of October here in recorded history.