Saturday, October 17, 2009

How Jonathan Bornstein Saved Honduras (The Country, Not The Soccer Team)

It may have pissed off various left-of-center scumbags, like under-talented Honduran player Amado Guevara, and so-called "policy experts" (as well as dictators in Venezuela and Cuba, and the friends of said dictators in Washington and San José, Costa Rica) when Jonathan Bornstein of the US Mens National Team scored late in injury time to knock Costa Rica out of the World Cup (yep, I'm predicting Uruguay wipes the field with them) AND propelled embattled Honduras into the World Cup finals...but I was exultant.

Here you have little Honduras, standing up to the heinously immoral hectoring and threats of the United States and the United Nations in defense of their Constitution and in defense of all small countries to remain independent of the behemoths who would crush them for whatever reason moves them, getting rewarded by the fates with an improbable sporting victory. It is the irony of ironies that it would be a team from the United States, whose government has seen fit to declare itself, not the Honduran Supreme Court, the supreme legal authority in Honduras, that would secure passage to South Africa for Los Catrachos, capping a come back from a two goal deficit to do so in the dying seconds of the game.

It is an irony, but a delicious one.

Here is Bornstein doing his job:

Here is the celebration in Honduras:

Good luck to Honduras in the World Cup, and good luck hanging onto the independence of your nation.

And, if you remember it, send Jonathan Bornstein a little something special.


Larry Sheldon said...

I didn't see anybody looting. Where are the burning cars? And the swat teams are where?

How much tear gas was used?

Commonnnn we want news!

(I hope your sarcasm detector is working.)

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Well, I'm sure Zelaya must have loved the fact a guy named "Bornstein" did him in. Maybe Jonathan also "shoots lasers into Zelaya's mind."