Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Of My Best Work Lies Hidden

Really, if I think about all the material I've written in the comment sections of other people's blogs, it gets a little scary. I mean, I've posted a lot of crap here, but you could probably add another 50% to that, easily. (I've got a problem.)

That being said, I do enjoy myself quite often. Over at Patterico he posted this plea the other day:

Do you know any “professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology” with a conservative bent and a sense of humor?

If so, I need to speak with them — so they can nominate me for a Nobel Peace Prize. Those are the people who qualify to make a nomination.

I responded thusly:

Well, I’m also an adjunct Poli. Sci. prof, but if that isn’t good enough there is another class of nominators:

directors of peace research institutes

I could found and become the director of the….

Obama Peace Institute
Our Motto: Pacis per Lentus (Peace through Inaction)

Our research would be dedicated to the study of how just sitting around on your ass, thinking peaceful thoughts, and occasionally giving voice to them, leads to global contentment. This could give rise to a wide range of scholarly studies including:

I) Stoning People: Peace through Cannabis

II) Siestas & Snuggies: Warmly Nap Your Way To Peace

III) The Monsters of Peace Tour: A Proposal to send Obama, Gore and Carter on a speaking tour where peace is brought about by mass suicides caused by a 7 hour long Power Point presentation.

Father Eicher, my high school Latin teacher, would be proud.

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Tully said...

Hey, that last one could solve the overpopulation problem too!