Friday, October 30, 2009

Honduras Wins, Zelaya (And Obama) Loses

There was never going to be a scenario in which the big bully (i.e. the Obama administration) wasn't going to be allowed to save face, but in the end of the day Honduras wins big here: Honduran rivals agree a deal to end crisis

Honduras' de facto government has accepted a U.S.-driven deal that opens the door for the return to power of President Manuel Zelaya, toppled in a military coup four months ago...

Roberto Micheletti, who took over the country within hours of Zelaya's ouster, had repeatedly refused to step aside to let the leftist return, but he softened his position on Thursday.

"I have authorized my negotiating team to sign a deal that marks the beginning of the end of the country's political situation," Micheletti told reporters on Thursday night.

He said Zelaya could return to office after a vote in Congress that would be authorized by the country's Supreme Court. The deal would also require both sides to recognize the result of a November 29 presidential election and would transfer control of the army to the top electoral court.

So, yes, Zelaya can come back, but only if the Honduran Congress says he can and only if he is reduced to a neutered whelp.

What a pathetic "victory" for the Obama administration.


Anonymous said...

I don't like it. Why give in even an inch, when you are right on principle and on the law? The process that removed Zelaya from power was constitutional and legal; it was not a "military coup. Why should the Honduran patriots concede anything to Obama and his would-be dictator friend, especially the constitutional principle at stake? I find it troubling that Micheletti conceded anything. Zelaya belongs in prison.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

I hear you, and a big part of me agrees with you. I'm just being realistic about they way the US is acting under Obama. HIs take seems to be we can do with Central American countries what Russia does with the Gerogians or the Uzbeks.

The Obama stand is deeply immoral and its a shame to see it win the day in any details. I'm just pointing out how shallow their "victory" is.