Wednesday, November 05, 2008


When I went to bed there were four undecided Senate races, and six hours later they are still undecided. (Who counts the votes in Oregon anyway? Some sort of tree sloth?) Republican, as of right now, lead in all four races. The hopes Democrats had of knocking Chambliss under 50% are gone. Coleman has held on and has a 700 vote lead with 99% reporting. Smith in Oregon has a couple percentage lead right now (but only 75% tree sloth counted votes in.) And, believe it or not, Stevens has basically won up in Alaska. The Senate stands, right now, at the Dems holding 56.

Over in the House races, the Dems have picked up 20 seats with 11 calls yet to make.

Neither of those numbers was as bad as I predicted. Interesting.

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knowitall said...

It really wouldn't matter, the left-wing illuminati have the majority of Congress, and they will be the worse leaders yet.