Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Need A Last Second Push?

In case you were wondering where Barack Obama stands on Kelo v. New London, the Supreme Court decision that allows wealthy interests to take the property of poor people because, well, their wealthy, duh!...and, based upon how many times this site gets found via Google searches on the matter, I'd say it is more than a few...you'll be happy to know Obama supports Kelo in all its particulars.

At least it seems so. He has been cagey, shall we say, about the issue, but all evidence points to Obama supporting it. Obama's campaign website is silnet on the matter, but why wouldn't it be? He knows better then all you little people.

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knowitall said...

He supports the wealthy taking control of the poor? Wow, so the poor will be devestated when the left-wing illuminati do not come through on their promise to take money from the wealthy and trickle it on down to them.