Monday, November 03, 2008

It's Political Junkie Super Bowl Time

I know football fans will think me sacrilegious, but tomorrow is where it is at for me. Even though I'm fairly certain the wrong person to lead the country will probably win (Yeah Barack, I'm talking about sit down and get back to work on your next lie), I still enjoy everything about election night.

So, if it akin to the Super Bowl, then I better get the snacks ready for a long night. This year I am forgoing dinner all together in favor of a serious appetizer binge. The wife and I are going with red pepper hummus & pita, chicken quesadillas, and queso dip & home made guacamole with tortilla chips.

I've not made up my mind about grain or grape. I'm leaning towards grain however. That would entail dopplebocks to start, and a nice Irish whisky to drown out the sorrows and toast the successes.

Sounds pretty good really.

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knowitall said...

Don't look for the surveys and polls to be accurate with the football league, because these games and races are actually done with talent and experience. Too bad we couldn't let the inexperienced liberal illuminati run the NFL vs. our country.