Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Think Patterico Has Discovered Something

I liked this:

I think I know exactly why we’re hearing all this utter nonsense about how Palin supposedly wasn’t vetted.

The spoiled little children in the media are throwing a widdle tantrum because they weren’t kept in the loop.

So if they didn’t know anything about Sarah Palin, and if they didn’t expect McCain to pick Palin, then it stands to reason that McCain didn’t know anything about Sarah Palin, and McCain didn’t expect himself to pick her.

Guess what, media? Some of us had heard of Sarah Palin before, and were hoping that she was exactly who John McCain would pick.

Back in June, Beldar had a prescient post in which he said: “I’ve spent several hours now reading about, and watching video clips of, 44-year-old Alaska governor Sarah Heath Palin.” I linked that post and tossed off the obvious cheap jokes that that line invites, given that Beldar is a middle-aged guy talking about spending hours watching clips of an attractive middle-aged woman.

But beneath the gentle ribbing, I linked that post for a genuine reason: I read what Beldar had to say, and I, too, was impressed.

In fact Palin had been mentioned continuely for a long time among right of center blogs:

Patterico: June 8th
QandO: Feb. 8th
Hot Air: Feb. 26th
Power Line: Feb. 26th
Right Wing Nation: Feb. 17th
The Anchoress: May 16th

Hell, even the (mostly) lefty Donklephant noticed Palin on June 6th:

he’s [i.e. McCain] shown that he’s not afraid to pull some stops, as he sends a scouting committee to meet with Sarah Palin!

(Of course Donklephant must be wrong, as everyone knows McCain pulled Palin out his ass just last Friday.)

It's funny how the vilest garbage that gets printed in a DK diary can find its way into the MSM in a couple of days, while months of right of center speculation about Palin as a possible VP choice, on the front pages of major right of center blogs, completely escapes them.

Funny, you would have thought if a reporters job was to cover the entire political process they might spend at least some time on Republican blogs.

It's fairly obvious they do not.

But the diaries of the Daily Kos? Those are pure gold!

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