Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Global Colding Update

Heard the hysteria about ice melt in the arctic? Well, it turns out that with the "melting season" officially over there is actually 9% more ice than last year. Hmmm...what do you call it when there is more of something than there was before??? Oh yeah, that's right, its called an increase.

Of course, this shouldn't be surprising as we are witnessing a dramatic cooling of the Earth's climate:

Since just January 2007, the world has cooled so much that ALL the global warming over the past three decades has disappeared! This is confirmed by a plot of actual global average temperatures from the best available source, weather satellite data that shows there has been NO net global warming since the satellites were first launched in 1979.

If you're a member of the Church of Gorology never fear! Just keep repeating the mantra "All cooling is consistent with AGW...All cooling is consistent with AGW...ohmmmmm." And don't forget to tithe!

(Gleaned from QandO)


Anonymous said...

This sounds suspiciously like that Twilight Zone episode where the earth was moving closer to the sun every day (and heating up in the process) but we (the viewer) find out in the end that its actually been moving further away from the sun every day (thus cooling off) and what we’ve just watched was actually a result the main character's fever induced delirium.

I can even hear the creepy music as I type...

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Imagine if you will, a failed politician rejected by his electorate; a failed prophet longing for meaning and a congregation to call his own; and a failed pseudo-scientist who somehow cannot manage to live up to his own half assed standards... Now imagine that man picking up his Nobel Prize...only here... in The Twilight Zone.