Thursday, February 24, 2005

Past, Present & Future (Not An Al Stewart Post)

There is an interesting post over at American Future about Bush in Bratislava that asks the following question:

It's often said that Americans have a short historical memory, that we are so preoccupied with the future that we forget the past. Isn't this criticism more applicable to the people of Western Europe?

As phrased I think the answer to this question is "no." If they question were rephrased as "Are the Europeans so concerned about the present that they forget the past and ignore the future?", then I could answer affirmatively.

I hope Bush has had a better time in Bratislava than a buddy and I did back in 1992. We walked all over town but couldn't find a place to spend the night. Ah well, at least Bratislava offered some of the best girl watching in Europe. I can't remember a place that had quite so many drop dead gorgeous women wandering around. Bush probably didn't get a chance to notice any of that. What a shame.


Marc Schulman said...

You're right -- I should have said it the way you've said it. Darn it -- that's what I meant to say!

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Well, you can use it. Just call me your editor.