Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wow. Now Obama Thinks He's Napoleon

Rumor has it Obama is going nominate himself. Obama to Return to Iowa, Possibly to Claim Victory

Senator Barack Obama has chosen to spend Tuesday night not in Kentucky or Oregon, the two states that will be holding their primaries that day, or even at his home in Chicago. Instead, Mr. Obama’s staff announced on Saturday, he will be returning to Iowa, where he won the Democratic caucuses way back in January and has at least two good reasons to revisit now.

Much more than nostalgia seems to have motivated that decision. If things continue to go as well for Mr. Obama this week as they have so far this month, with a romp in North Carolina, a strong showing in Indiana and daily growth in his support among party superdelegates, he could actually end up with enough pledged delegates to proclaim, without fear of contradiction, that he is now the Democratic nominee for president.

Gee, and here I was thinking on had to get to at least 2025 delegates to win the Democratic nomination. I guess the new motto is "The hell with Democratic (or democratic) niceties. Do you know who I am?"


Anonymous said...

Isn't Obama the one claiming that his campaign is following the rules laid out by the DNC anytime someone broaches the subject of counting the Florida and Michigan delegates? It seems to me he's willing to "follow the rules" only if it plays into his blatantly anti-democratic belief system.

I really can't believe people are falling for this BS!!

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Notice how the MSM isn't even reporting on Obama's backing away from this plan. Now, presumably, he just felt like going to Iowa because he likes flat Midwestern states. Instead the MSM is reporting Obama spin ("the real goal is to win half the pledged delegates!") as if it is fact.

Its a disgrace.