Sunday, May 04, 2008

News Flash!

Frank Rich discovers that some Protestants don't like Catholics! Wow, what a scoop!

Mr. Rich, I find you new found concern for but I speak for Catholics everywhere when I ask you to please go back to ignoring us.


Anonymous said...

I believe that McCain most likely knew something of what John Hagee stood for and that does bother me. However, McCain's relationship with Hagee IS very different from Obama's relationship with Wright. Haggee did not marry McCain, baptize his kids, nor act as a spiritual advisor.

While McCain's political opportunism and willingness to turn a blind eye to the things Hagee has said in order to win the nomination does bothers me, it simply is not the same thing. All eveidence points to Obama embracing Wright and his philosophy. Hell, he even got the name of his book from the man. Let's be honest, other than the endorsement, Hagee means NOTHING to McCain. The same simply can not be said by anyone taking an honest look at the situation about the Obama/Wright relationship!!

Frank Rich is an moron!!

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

My larger point is you can find LOTS of Protestants who have anti-Catholic sentiment playing a large role in their self-understanding. Catholic know this and we cope just fine thank you Mr. Rich. To act like there is anything particularly unusual about Hagee displays an almost shocking level of ignorance on Rich's part.

And, like you, I'm not surprised.