Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Priest As Moron

Doesn't this guy have a Bishop around to at least attempt to keep the Catholic Church away from such garbage?

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Anonymous said...

Ys gotta love the white-bred suburban boy, trying to be black--What an asshole... And this bozo is supposed to be a priest from The Holy Roman Catholic Church? As a Catholic myself, I can't say that I recall the part of Catholic (or Christian) theology that teaches that one must atone for the sins of our ancestors. I was under the impression that Jesus' death and resurrection redeemed us all. I suspect that this clown can expect a visit from the Inquisition; I think he's flirting with excommunication.

One last question: Was that diatribe supposed to be a sermon? Praytelll what did that have to do with Christianity, living a Christian life, or religion??
Trinity Church is to Christianity, as the Nation of Islam is to Islam. In each case, a hollow, bastardized ideology of perpetual grievance with strong Marxist elements, masquerading as a major world religion.