Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quiet Time

I know you are all missing me terribly, but I've a few things I need to attend to this week....and next week...and probably the week after that. It is all the things that go along with starting a new job. It's an exciting, but tiring time.

One of the reasons I've been able to keep on top of my blogging (at least since I started up again last December) is that I've been un- or under-employed for a period of time. (A longer period of time than I cared for actually.) Starting this fall I will be an adjunct lecturer in both Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Those who know me will recognize this as being a pretty good gig for me, and I'm quite excited by it all. It has been awhile since I've taught at the college level, so it sort of feels like the first time again.

In any event, I will not be abandoning The Iconic Midwest, but posting might be a little erratic while I adjust to my new schedule.

So any out there who do not think me a total ass, wish me luck!


C Stanley said...

Good luck!

Tom said...

Good luck Rich!

I once looked into working at UW-River Falls, and it looked like a very nice place. I think you'll like it.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Thanks Christine and Tom!

We've actually been here for a year (my wife is tenure track in history), and it is a great place.

Hmmm...I guess that makes me a cliche of a faculty spouse.