Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm A Blogging Snob

I went over to this site to read about an FEC complaint a liberal blogger filed against Fred "Is I Is Or Is I Isn't" Thompson. However, try as I might, I simply can no longer take any blogger seriously who uses that template! It is one of the basic blogger templates, and it was even the Iconic Midwest template for a few months back in 2004-05.

I know. I know. It shouldn't matter, but oddly it does. It is a subconscious thing that I have become conscious of, and I certainly wonder how many other sites I've rejected as pablum because of an outdated appearance. I should be above the whole "image over substance" thing, but I'm not.

Of course, all this could be avoided if bloggers would just update the look of their site every once and awhile.


PatHMV said...

Rich, I can think of far better reasons to ignore that guy than just the look of the site... ;-)

The Iconic Midwesterner said...


Yeah, I just wanted folks to know what kind of shallow pig I am.

"Just look at the bodacious widgets on that site! Oooooo BABY!"


PatHMV said...

You want widgets? Have you ever visited Stubborn Facts using Firefox? Watch the picture of Twain and the flag in the top left as you resize the browser window to make it narrower or wider. The flag image changes width, but the Twain picture stays the same, just shifting in position along with the entire left column. Alas, this trick relies on CSS and IE isn't fully compliant with such things.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...


But really Pat, I like you guys for your mind.


C Stanley said...

I'm not picky about the use of templates (like original sites but content takes precedence over style for me) but I do have to say, that particular template always puts me in mind of a farmhouse kitchen for some reason.