Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Does, In Fact, Lie...

But, we have a system here. The President (any President) gets to tell his lies without interruption, at least when he's speechifying.

Get with the system Rep. Wilson.

ADDING: Just a link (above.)


Zut Alors! said...

You and other conservatives seem to think that the diversionary tactic of saying that liberals are lying when they note conservative lies (Krugman vis-a-vis the IBD and Obama vis-a-vis Joe Wilson) is effective. It is not. By the way, I just that the Atlantic Monthly ranked Krugman as the most influential political commentator in the U.S. That must give people like you who suffer from Krugman Derangement Syndrome heartburn. Sorry. Hope you feel better later today.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

No, I missed the Atlantic Monthly. It simply confirms why I let my subscriptiion lapse several years ago. (And I KEPT the subscription to the Progressive Populist - at least they are honest about what they are.)

As for the rest of your there one? It doesnt seem to concern what I wrote.