Monday, September 28, 2009

Morons Abound

Really they are everywhere:

The US Secret Service is investigating a poll posted on social networking site Facebook, asking people if they think President Obama "should be killed".

The poll, posted on Saturday, was taken off the site as soon as the company was made aware of it.

It was put up on the site using a third-party application that was unconnected with the social networking site itself.

US Officials will take "the appropriate investigative steps," a spokesman said.

The poll, described by Facebook as "offensive", asked respondents "Should Obama be killed?" and offered four possible responses: "No", "Maybe", "Yes", and "Yes if he cuts my health care".

Really, I have to wonder what the poll creator was smoking.

I also wonder if authorities are gonna try to investigate anyone who answered the poll, if that is even possible.

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Anonymous said...

There are some insanely idiotic people in the world. I'm quite certain that most responsible Americans, who are deeply concerned by and opposed to Obama's agenda, are praying for his good health over the next 3-plus years. The last thing we need is some imbecile, making a martyr out Obama. In fact, my little pet theory--that I hope never to see proven or tested--is that if somebody were to rub out Obama, it would be a leftist, for the express purpose of manufacturing a martyr that could be used to advance the left-wing agenda. I might be getting a wee bit too cynical in my old age.:)