Monday, July 16, 2007


Snark has all the nutritional qualities of a box of Twinkies, I know, but sometimes it tastes so damn good.


Tully said...

Ah, yes, the narrative! I've mentioned that angle before. (To save you from the clicky-clicky, I quote...)

"Wingers don't follow reality. They follow their preferred narratives. Everything must be fitted to the narrative. The only way they can handle reality is by stuffing it into the mold."

When the narrative is conclusively disproven, that doesn't change the narrative at all. It just means that reality is wrong, or is being misinterpreted. At that point one of two things happens. A convoluted mold-stuffing that twists reality around until it fits the narrative (or at least becomes so confusing that the twisting gets taken on faith), or a general denial that the particular narrative ever existed.

Now, to be fair, the wingers of the right do it too.

entropy said...

Had me going for a sec there Tully, "wingers" is usually a term reserved for the right. Lefties are supposed to be called "moonbats". I know, I know just trying to keep the narrative consistent here.
Can't have you going out all unkempt. What will people think?

Tully said...

Whether they dance to the left, or dance to the right, they're still livin' in the wings!