Monday, July 16, 2007

Ego Surfing Result Of The Day

This gave me my morning laugh: All those Rich Horton's

Twenty years ago the only Rich Hortons I got confused with were Richard "Onion" Horton, a radio commentator in the East St. Louis area; Ricky Horton, a Cardinals pitcher (now a Cardinals broadcaster); and Richard G. Horton, who also works at Boeing and who is a much better golfer than I am. (Once I was sent a trophy he earned in work tournament, which I had to return -- and I get a fair amount of his work email.)

(Ricky Horton, as it happens, is only two months older than me and has an Engineering degree from the University of Virginia, earned at the same time as my Physics degree from the University of Illinois, so I feel especially close to him.)

But now the Internet makes it possible that I get confuse with many more.


I am NOT Dr. Richard Horton, the British editor of the famous medical journal the Lancet. (I occasionally get invitations to high level medical conferences, apparently because the organizers think I might be him.)

I am NOT Rich Horton of the Minneapolis area, well-known musician and especially music critic.

And I am NOT the Rich Horton who has a blog called The Iconic Midwest, and who also lives in St. Louis. (And I've never met him!)

Oh, the trials of being named Rich Horton!

I blame my father....the golf playing Boeing employee Rich Horton mentioned above.


Tully said...

LOL. Gee, and here I am, vaguely acquainted with both you and SF Rich Horton. My saying howdy to SF Rich several weeks back in KC and mentioning you may have inspired that post, at least in part. And I know an awful lot of current and former Boeing employees. What are the odds?

So Rich hasn't met Rich, but Rich knows someone who knows Rich, who is the son of Rich....

(I have a much more common given name, which is another reason I'm psuedonymous out here.)

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

I'm sure your comment is what touched it all off. You just had to throw that stone into the Rich Horton pond! (Look at the ripples!)

My dad got a kick out of it as well...although he doesn't remember the golf trophy.