Friday, November 26, 2004

Life Goes On, Bra!

Recently some British poll has proclaimed The Beatles "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" the worst song ever recorded. In many ways this hardly seems fair. "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" wouldn't even make the Top 5 worst songs the Beatles ever wrote, the Top 10 worst songs McCartney ever wrote, or the Top 10 worst tracks the Beatles ever recorded. Add if you were going to single out "Ob-la-di" you would have to go after its near cousin "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" as well. The two song are very much of a kind, and Lord knows McCartney has tried to rewrite the damn things every couple of years to sometimes disastrous effect (remember "Ballroom Dancing"?)

Bottom 5 worst Beatle Songs Ever Written:

#5. "Don't Bother Me": I almost feel bad picking on little Georgie here, but he was obviously still learning how to construct a song at this point. And failing miserably.

#4. "Do You Want To Know A Secret": Too simple and infantile to be taken seriously, right?

#3. "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)": Sure, its just a lark, but its a long, boring, repetitive, self-indulgent lark.

#2. "Within You, Without You": Maybe its fabulous when you are stoned. It certainly isn't when you're sober.

#1. "Michelle": C'mon!! Its not even close! Nothing else the Beatles ever did was this cloying. Paul singing in French?!? Makes you want to set fire to him...admit it!

And I was able to do this without bringing "Revolution 9" into the mix.

Turn Me On Dead Man!


Anonymous said...

Are you a fan ?

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Hmm..that's not obvious? Who but fans are gonna come up with "You Know My Name"? or the "Turn me on dead man" reference. (Or "ballroom dancing" for that matter.)

For my money the Beatles hold 7 of the top 10 albums of all time. But that doesn't mean they cant produce some clunkers.