Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My 5th Grade Teacher, The Wandering Vagrant

N.Y. Teacher Charged With Exam Hoax:

A Bronx schoolteacher was charged with coercing a former homeless man into taking his state certification exam for him, authorities said.

Wayne Brightly, 38, allegedly bullied a former college classmate into taking the exam in July, using a fake identification and Brightly's Social Security (news - web sites) card, the city Department of Education (news - web sites) said Tuesday.

Authorities said Brightly's stand-in was Rubin Leitner, 58. Leitner had met Brightly when the two were students at Brooklyn College in the late 1980s and had tutored him for the exam beginning in 2001 after Brightly failed at least twice, authorities said.

Leitner, who suffers from mental problems, scored so much higher than Brightly had on his previous attempts that authorities began to investigate.

I used to say that public schools might be better served hiring random people from off the streets. I didn't mean it literally.

Maybe it really couldn't be any worse.

2 comments: said...

Thank God for racial setbacks. I cannot understand why they're crucifying this man. He's certainly capabale of teaching. Just because he can't pass a standardized test doesn't mean he's not a valuable community member. Sounds like racism to me.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

I hardly see how this incident could be used as an indictment of an entire race. I've never heard that the process of teacher certification was some sort of racist plot before.

As for how valuable a community member Mr. Brightly is I cannot say. He certainly seems to be capable of some serious ethical lapses.