Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Once In A Lifetime Storm"

The morons are out in force today: How Global Warming Is Making Hurricane Irene Worse

Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the Outer Banks of North Carolina as a Category Two storm, and is expected to track a path of destruction up the densely populated Atlantic coast....

Global warming pollution is far from the only reason that Hurricane Irene shouldn’t be thought of as a “natural” disaster. Much of the devastating potential of Hurricane Irene will be a consequence of past decisions about land use, construction and coastal preservation, mitigated by the brave work of public servants under attack by Tea Party conservatives. Even as we have polluted the climate to increase the threat from Atlantic storms, we have overbuilt the increasingly vulnerable coasts. Although Irene is being described as a “once in a lifetime” threat, the weight of the evidence indicates that this storm is merely a harbinger of our dangerous future.

Really, I wish the internet was a one strike and you are out kinda thing. Crap like this is so stupid on so many levels. In fact, it is too dumb to need to be fisked. It's self-fisking.

It's also anti-science. The only people working in the field of hurricanes that believe a global warming signal is detectable in the data are so far out of the mainstream that there is only one word for them: cranks. They are cranks because they will do anything to shoe-horn reality into their preferred personal ideological perspective.

As for Irene being a "once in a lifetime" storm, well, that could indeed be true... if you were a German Shepard that is. For those of us a little bit older, well, we have seen this sort of storm before. Just 15 years ago in fact:

This is Bertha, a storm from July 1996 which pretty closely follows the exact same track and intensity of Irene. If anything, Irene is a little weaker. The only difference between the two storms is the amount of "the world is ending" crapola we have to endure nowadays.

I do miss the saner days of the 90's.


Gerard Stelzer said...

One cannot be too careful, though. Here in Central-East Massachusetts, the weather team are predicting upwards of two inches of rain over the next 36 hours, and wind gusts potentially topping 40 mph. Local golf courses may possibly lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars of business tomorrow, as Irene turns people away from the links and into the shopping malls.

We've already stock-piled the booze and peanut-butter cheezits in preparation for the near certain Armageddon to follow. Pray for us.

Rich Horton said...

Well, you know me...I don't believe in the concept of "too much booze" so it sounds like you've made all the preperations you are likely to need. You might do some dumb-bell curls to prepare yourself for the possible exertion of closing your windows tomorrow. I'm sure FEMA has a pamphlet.

Gerard Stelzer said...

Thank you! Thank you! I was so fretful, until finding out that the feds are looking out for me and will save me from my own incompetence.

We're having a party tonight, a pre-hurricane huzzah. We're turning off the lights and lighting candles to get the full effect of the event. We'll still use the blender though. Tropical drinks for a tropical storm need to be well blended. Some modern conveniences, one just can't live without.

Rich Horton said...

I hope the rum held out last evening and that you are not too hung over this morning. Some dangers simply must be faced!