Thursday, April 07, 2011

[irony]Oh, Thank Goodness [/irony]

Conspiracy theorists of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but MY sanity! Prosser's huge gain comes after Waukesha County flub is caught
David Prosser gained 7,582 votes in Waukesha County, after a major counting error of Brookfield results was detected, County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus announced in a stunning development this afternoon. Nickolaus says the reason for the big change is that data transmitted from the City of Brookfield was imported but that she failed to save those results to the database. Brookfield cast 14,315 votes on April 5 -- 10,859 of those votes went to Prosser and 3,456 went to JoAnne Kloppenburg.
Great. What could be better than a never ending round of "stolen election!" crapola. But then again, Democrats always tell us election fraud isn't a problem. Maybe this will be accepted without a peep, right?


Anonymous said...

Correction. Democrats always tell us that election fraud isn't a problem when they win. Of course, when the Dems lose, it's a completely different story. Remember the Diebold machines conspiracy theory? Or how about the old saw of the NY lib expressing consternation at Nixon's 40-state landslide win in '72, because 'she didn't know anybody that voted for Nixon'?

In other words, they were pretty much going to piss and moan no matter whether Prosser won a squeaker or a landslide. Either way, I'll take the win; it's far better than the alternative. On good thing about the libs' constant howling is that it is becoming a part of the background--I suspect that people are paying it less mind and are growing accustomed to discounting the libs--kind of like the boy who cried, "wolf."

Rich Horton said...

I still wish there hadn't been this irregularity. I'm deeply skeptical of Walker, but I don't like encouraging the loons either.

Tully said...

There's nothing that can happen that DOESN'T discourage the loons, Rich. Conspiracy theories have zero reliance on reality.

Rich Horton said...

True, but there are gradations. Without this particular screw up we would have had the raving loons ranting anyway; with it we'll hve the mostly loony and sometimes loony pitching in as well.

Lord only knows what Kevin Phillips Bong will do.