Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Officially Old Now

When I was a younger man and I would feel the pull of certain adult fashion symbols, I would push them out of my mind with the phrase, "I don't want to be some hipster doofus. I'll do that sort of thing when I'm know, like 40."

Well, I turned 40 this year, and the first of these fashion impulses has successfully avoided all the warnings of my younger days and has landed squarely upon my head. Yes, I bought my first fedora.

Meet the Jaxon Iconoclast (Wool):

As far as hat purchases go, this one was not a matter of high finance. It set me back a grand total of $45 including shipping.

I must say....I like it....a lot. It is damn cold around here, and I'm not blessed with a full head of hair, so a hat is a necessity. Up until now I've only ever worn ballcaps or ski caps. I just didn't want to become "the old guy who wears nothing but ballcaps."

Still, this could be the start of something weird. I've already caught myself looking online at panamas, because, hey!, the Iconoclast is my fall/winter hat. I'll need something else to protect my poor bald head from the big bad sun too. That only makes sense, right?

Down this path lies madness...and quite possibly my taking up pipe smoking as well.

Hmmmm....pipe smoking....sounds good.


Tully said...

Hey, I've already got one of those! And a couple of other decent outdoorsman type hats, in Lite Felt crushable. And I'm not even bald. Just older than you.

Skip the pipe. Go with the cigars. Really. Er, you were talking about tobacco, right?

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Yes, it is tabacco I have in mind. (I'm getting older, not younger.) I do the cigar thing already, to the tune of 6-8 cigars a year! (I know, I know...I'm not really a smoking fiend.) Trouble is they are limited to the time of year I can comfortably stay outside on the patio...which up here limits one considerably. (I could smoke at the local cigar store during the winter, as it has a nice room set up for such activity...but I haven't done that yet.)

As for outdoor hats...I'm keeping an eye out for a nice walking hat. I'd even think about a Tyrolean, if I dont have to put on the lederhosen with it.