Friday, December 05, 2008

Boneheaded Nonsense

Sometimes you read an aside that just infuriates you. Take this from First Things:

While we’re contemplating life in the doghouse, treat yourself to Hank William’s classic, “Move It On Over” or try the blues-rock cover by the indefatigable George Thorogood and the Destroyers, justifiably called “the greatest bar band in the world.”

No disrespect inten...scratch that....with heaps of disrespect intended...that is the kind of stupid, insipid, East Coast elitist garbage those of us in "flyover country" have to deal with all the time.

Anyone with a finger on the actual musical pulse of the country knows The Bottle Rockets are the best bar band in the world. Easy.

Hell, for my money, I'd say Webb Wilder runs a respectable second in that contest.

Sometimes people forget the country doesn't end at the Delaware river.

{/tongue in cheek}


Anonymous said...

Once again you are speaking truth to power!!

Keep up the good work, IM. The world needs your well reasoned approach!!

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Next on my list is to expose those idiots who think "Sgt. Pepper's" is a better LP than "Abbey Road".

Some abominations must not be allowed to go unchallenged!