Monday, March 03, 2008

Maybe They Should Book A Ride On The "Straight Talk Express"?

I am starting to wonder if Obama's closest advisers are having more trouble saying what they mean, or meaning what they say?

That these same people are on the top of the list for Obama administration jobs bodes ill for any possible coherency in the future. Joy.


Anonymous said...

Amateur hour. But to be honest, I got about this guy for the first time after last week's debate. He has become quite formidable. I still think McCain can beat him, after all, debates are rarely ever decisive. But it won't be easy...

Fortunately, this little NAFTA incident has probably started to break the spell of the infatuation a bit. Th hell of it is that it was all so unnecessary. All he had to do was empathize a bit and promise that help was on the way. Instead, he decided to demagogue NAFTA, which has little to nothing to do with Ohio's economic problems. This brings Obama's strategy into sharp relief: Play on people's fears as indicated by in-depth polling. It's a weakness that the Republicans can exploit if they are smart.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Yeah, there is a little bit of a "counting your chickens" going on here. Someone should remind the Obama campaign that they need to win a few more contests before they get to pick out the White House china.

After you do that then you can mend whatever fences you knocked down to get the job in the first place.