Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Daily Kos Thinks You're An Idiot

On one level it is just another example of the "If you don't support Obama you are a racist" meme, but on another level it is the prime example of "If you are reading the Daily Kos website you must have an IQ so low you will believe any damn fool thing we tell you to believe."

I'm talking about this post where the "evil Clinton campaign" is supposedly out to make Obama blacker than he really is. Hmm...I thought the Obama camp wanted to do that as well....I digress:

First Kos notes the differences between these two images:

Ohmigod!!! Hillary must be a member of the KKK!! And to prove Hillary's connection to the ad they show us this screen capture from the Clinton website:

Ohmigodagain!! Confirmati.....wait a second. Notice anything unusual about the screen shot compared to the emblackened Obama above?

Hmm..seems that version on the Daily Kos is a hell of a lot "blacker" than the one on the Clinton website. (Does this mean the Daily Kos are bigger racists than the Clintons!? They probably are...but that is a different post.)

I've no idea if this represents deliberate fauxtography or not on the DK's part, but I'm not sure it really matters in this case. They are nothing but scumbags for presenting such material as being "true" in the first place. Considering the intent is to smear the Clinton campaign as being inherently racist, I'm not putting anything past them.


Anonymous said...

" is the prime example of 'If you are reading the Daily Kos website you must have an IQ so low you will believe any damn fool thing we tell you to believe.'"

Ah the Kos Kids...passionate, clueless, gullible, and irrational. I don't know which makes me more sad: The knee-jerk ugly accusations of racism that this article exemplifies, or the idiotic user comments that follow the article. For example,

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It is exactly this kind of politics that Obama's campaign wants to remove from politics, not because it shocks people, but because after becoming part of the rule - instead of the exception - it is what people expect.

Part of Obama's message is that we should expect more of ourselves and of our politicians.

It is one of the reasons that this is important - it highlights that when Clinton says change - the smile never quite gets to her eyes.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

What I find so disturbing is the belief that in all political questions there is one and only one "correct" view, and any deviation from that view is morally reprehensible, which makes any and all sliming of them acceptable.

They used to just reserve it for the Republicans, but as anyone who has read Orwell (or has seen "Life of Brian") knows the real acidic vitriol is saved for those inside the fold. ("The Judean People's Front?!")