Friday, October 12, 2007

Someone Tell Me When It Is Over

I hate days like these because I can't turn on the f-ing television without seeing something that pisses me off. My wife insists on watching the NewsHour on PBS and I watched until I couldn't stand it any longer. The combination of willfully spread inaccuracies designed to further a leftist agenda coupled with a less willful scientific ignorance they don't have the basic intelligence to mask, was enough to make me want to "add a little more carbon emissions to the world," if you catch my drift. That my wife buys it all hook, line and sinker just makes matters worse... so I'm up here writing this while she is downstairs watching the porno video that is PBS fellating the Goracle and the entire IPCC. ("PBS the Jenna Jameson of news media.")

When will folks realize this media fueled hysteria has made them turn off any semblance of common sense we as a people ever had? I've gotta imagine what I'm feeling is akin to those few in Germany who in 1938 looked at the spectacle of their fellow citizens adoring Hitler and thought "What is wrong with you people?" That it seems to be affecting the entire Western world just makes it seem all the more like a form of civilizational sickness. Maybe Nietzsche was right after all.

Hey, Western world! You can all commit suicide if you want to, you just are not taking me with you.


Tom said...

Deep breath, Rich, deep breath.

PBS may be leftist, but it's hardly the equivalent of Daily Kos. And having to hear opinions you violently disagree with doesn't make Kristallnacht imminent. It's democracy, and it sucks when you're in the minority (now you know how I felt in the run-up to the Iraq War).

And it's really bad to get this upset with opinions held by family members, as it's bound to translate into interpersonal friction.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...


You gotta remember, it isn't a simple matter of holding different opinions on a matter. If you disagree with the "prevailing opinion" in regards the climate you are nothing less than a moral degenerate.

I guess that is me...the scum bag.