Monday, April 16, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

In a "Don't Lets Start" moment Tommy Thompson's bid for the Presidency effectively ends today: Making money part of Jewish tradition

Former Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential hopeful Tommy Thompson told Jewish activists Monday that making money is "part of the Jewish tradition," and something that he applauded.

Speaking to an audience at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington D.C., Thompson said that, "I'm in the private sector and for the first time in my life I'm earning money. You know that's sort of part of the Jewish tradition and I do not find anything wrong with that."

Thompson later apologized for the comments that had caused a stir in the audience, saying that he had meant it as a compliment, and had only wanted to highlight the "accomplishments" of the Jewish religion.

"I just want to clarify something because I didn't [by] any means want to infer or imply anything about Jews and finances and things," he said.

What an imbecile. This is simply unspinnable. The best case scenario is that he's completely brain dead.

Tommy, do us all a favor right now and go home.


It gets worse and better for Thompson:

According to the Democratic source, Thompson made several remarks that seemed off-kilter during his address. He reportedly boasted of being the governor of the first state to buy “Jewish bonds,” when he probably meant to say “Israel bonds,” and he referred to his friend, Marty Stein, as being a big supporter of the “Jewish Defense League,” when he probably meant to name the Anti-Defamation League. (The JDL is a notorious militant group.) Thompson also reportedly referred to Winston Churchill as being the first leader of Israel and the region.

This is the break Tommy needed. This is so rambling, incoherent and moronic that he can plausibly claim to have been high on heroin at the time.


C Stanley said...

Please just tell me that he's not scheduled to speak to a group of African Americans anytime soon; or if so, that he'll be briefed ahead of time to avoid comments that refer to his respect for tap dancing or his love of fried chicken and watermelon.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

lol I know. Somebody should remind these people that they are running for President of the United States and NOT to be a corespondant for The Daily Show. Jon Stewart can get away with questionable material, they can't.

It is just so stupid.