Saturday, April 14, 2012

Q: How Do We Know Republicans Are Radically Right?

A: Their last two Presidential nominees will have been John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Wait.... what?

Never mind.


Zut Alors said...

Federal Judge Richard Posner disagrees with your assessment. He thinks the current GOP has been overtaken by "crackpots" and "lunatics." They are so crazy that they have made him "less conservative."

Rich Horton said...

Yeah, I had read that. It only made me think Posner is a bit of a dim bulb.

Think about it. Posner says:

"I'm Conservative, which means I believe X."

"These folks say they are Conservative and believe in Y, which I don't agree with."

"Therefore, I will stop believing in X."

To which any thinking person would go, "huh?"

Of course, it will mean Posner will get more cocktail party invites when he's next in DC.