Monday, March 05, 2012

What Fascism Looks Like


These people couldn't scream "Fuck the First Amendment" any louder if they took a bullhorn to the top of the Washington Monument.

They would probably take a dump on that too.


Anonymous said...


Not only do you misunderstand "fascism," you also are completely wrong about the first amendment. Perhaps you should not post when you are angry. Better still, do some research before you post.

If the Armed Forces Radio drops Rush Limbaugh, he will not have had his first amendment rights violated. Limbaugh does not have a first amendment right to be on Armed Forces Radio, just like Glenn Beck did not have a first amendment right to be on Fox News or Michael Savage and Phil Donahue on MSNBC. Ed Schultz or Stephanie Miller would not have his or her first amendment rights violated if he or she asked to be carried on Armed Forces Radio and the DoD rejected his or her application. If you sent an op-ed piece to the New York Times and the editor declined to publish it, you did not have your first amendment rights violated. If the DoD decides to drop Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio because (1) he has a long history of saying things which are personally offensive to the diverse U.S. military; (2) he is largely unpopular in the rank and file in the U.S. armed forces; and (3) the people's direct representatives in Congress request it, I would say that is democracy not fascism in action.

If you want to see a proper example of fascism look at the NYPD's ongoing illegal surveillance of Muslims all across the Northeast, including Mass., Conn., N.J., P.A. as well as NY State. Those people are being racially and religiously profiled in a systematic way with misappropriated federal "War on Drugs" funds. If you want to see anorhwe proper example of fascism consider the Obama administration's assassination of American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki without providing even the most minimal due process protections (e.g., proof that a crime was committed).

Rich Horton said...

Actually, a core principle of fascism is the silencing of voices one does not like. The brownshirts in Germany didn't first go after the biggest newspapers. They went after the more marginalized (Jewish and socialist newspapers, for example.) After they demonstrated their thuggery it was eary for them to bring the larger organs under control, because they were scared of running afoul of the thugs. (I will note you continue to make a big deal about how "popular" Limbuagh isn't, as if that somehow changes things vis-a-vis human rights.)

And the fiction you are some sort of unbiased observer is wearing thin. Obviously, for you, Conservative = Bad

OK I get it. *yawn*

Rich Horton said...

BTW, the term is Gleichschaltung.

(The difference between this and your fantasy that the government is sending in agent provocateur to discredit Occupy protests and the like - but, oddly, not Tea Party event - is that there is evidence for the attempt at Gleichschaltung.)

Anonymous said...


Limbaugh has not been silenced. He is on literally hundreds of radio stations which use radio frequencies that according to the Federal Communications Act are supposed to be used for the public good. Limbaugh is not the victim. He is the bully.

That fact that you completely sidestep the first amendment angle of your post is clear evidence to me that you realize that you were utterly wrong to say that Limbaugh's first amendment rights were violated or that the first amendment had been violated or defecated upon.

I did not mention the "Occupy protests." You did. I mentioned the NYPD surveillance of Muslims in multiple northeastern states, including New Jersey. It is not a "fantasy." There are multiple articles about in the Trenton Star Ledger, e.g., "Recent NYPD spying uproar shakes FBI's foundations in N.J. terror intelligence" which is published today (March 7). I did not mention "agent provocateur" either. You did again. (Please don't put words in my mouth.)

You need to catch up on current events. You really should read more sources than World Net Daily, which by the way has lovely recent articles on Bitherism and the Obama conspiracy to murder Breitbart.

Rich Horton said...

I'm putting words in YOUR mouth?

You said (@ 3/06/2012 10:20 AM)

"You are aware that the government plants leftish morons to make lefties look like hypocrites, right? They've been doing that for at least 50-60yrs."

Did you have an out of body experience when you typed that?

Zut Alors said...


I am not sure where the post you referenced appeared. It did not appear in this thread on "What Fascism Looks Like." At any rate, that was not me but a different anonymous.

I have sometimes posted under the nom de internet of "Zut Alors" or the "Iconoclastic Midwesterner," but I have not called people "morons" or other derogatory names. My sincere apologies for the confusion (and now I understand your response). I will try to not be lazy and give a proper alias when I post.

The point remains, however, that in the above posts I was referencing the NYPD's harassment and surveillance of the Muslim community, which I believe is far more fascistic than bumping Limbaugh off Armed Forces Radio.


Zut Alors

Rich Horton said...

I wondered if something like that was going on. I dont get that much traffic as a rule, so its a little unusual to get multiples.

The comment was this one (just for reference):

Is it also safe to assume you were not the commenter who called me fat? lol

Anonymous said...

(because that's so relevant. i suggest you pursu that 'offensiv' commenter, i'm sure weight digits indicate that they're more worth your time. you should lose 5lbs, dye your hair, and be less mentally ill. as if that's the only reason i'm reading your posts.

Rich Horton said...


You're spluttering.