Friday, December 11, 2009

The U.N. Is A Fascist Organization

Watch this and tell me it isn't.

You have to step up to fascists when they arise. It's too bad these "scientists with values" have thrown their lot in with these enemies of human freedom.


Anonymous said...

How can a "professor of political philosophy" not know what fascism is? I suppose the answer is the same professor of political philosophy who labels Obama a "socialist." I suppose by your lights Bill O'Reilly is a fascist as well.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Well, I could have called it Stalinist, but then Communists never even gave lip service to the idea of liberal freedoms, so it wouldn't be a very good comparison. (Though comparing these "scientists" to Soviet era defenders of Lysenkoism does resonate pretty well.) Only fascism arose in the context of liberal societies (i.e. Weimar Germany) and corrupted the support of liberal institutions like a free press - first by intimidating/attacking anyone who would question them, and then getting institutions like the Germany universities to lend intellectual justification for their thuggery.

Thus facism was always the better analogy. I suggest you study more political theory and/or history before you make any more statements you can't back up intellectually.