Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Evidently, I'm An Irritating S.O.B.

In the comments to a post entitled, "A Few Words on Tolerance and Respect" I am graciously addressed thusly:

Iconic Jackass

It's a good start. However, if he really wants to attain almost Marcotte-ish levels of tolerance and respect he might want to work in the word "fuck-wad."

But that is just a suggestion.

(Actually, folks should head over to Stubborn Facts for an interesting take on some double standards making the rounds in the left-o-sphere. I think they nail it.)


C Stanley said...

Have you caught M. Stickings latest comment in that thread, and my response? Apparently Michael is troubled by your venomous responses to Heraticlus and the way you immediately labelled him, because, you know, that has the effect of shutting down the debate. LOL!

PatHMV said...

Hey, IW. Thanks for stopping by Stubborn Facts. We appreciate the compliment.

CS, I just stopped by to see Michael's comment you reference. That is truly staggering. La-la land.h

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

You know, I do TRY to have a reasonable tone. I wonder if Michael will at least acknowledge that if nothing else.

None of this was probably worth my time... but it was never dull!