Thursday, October 06, 2005

First Step: Admitting It

Alright, alright....I have a problem. I'm suffering from something that might be called "Competition Stress Disorder." It is all the St. Louis Cardinals fault. The thing is, when they get themselves into the post-season I go nuts. On game days I get very extremely gut-wrenchingly nervous, which makes it difficult to read, write, talk, eat, sleep, breathe, etc. If they win that day's game I get a short respite, from the time the game ends until the time I wake up on the next game day. If they lose that day's game I simply remain in a state of high anxiety and misery until they win again.

When you think about it, it is all rather miserable. If you have ever seen the movie Fever Pitch you can get a good idea of what I'm talking about. (I'm talking about the proper English version here, and not the truly horrific and abysmal Americanized one.) There can be moments of unreserved joy, but the vast majority of the time you are faced with uncertainty, anxiety, anger, heartbreak and misery. Sounds like fun, right?

Part of me would really like to jump off of this rollercoaster, but I know I never will. It would be nice to avoid the depressions that descend upon me whenever the season ends in failure (as it has in every baseball season of my life except one.) But the truth is I'm hooked. The depressions are really of a minor variety, and they are easily dispelled after a few weeks by the knowledge that Spring Training is only a winter away, and the promise of victory is just too sweet to pass up.

Such are my thoughts at Noon on game day.

Maybe I should go out and get some Rolaids.


David Leftwich said...

Well, you can rest well tonight. The Cards won and are up 2 games to none...though I understand the "stress" -- one solution, no cable -- though I desperately want it at this time of year.

For some reason, I had never thought about the Cards winning only 1 World Series in my life time. They won the year I was conceived, lost the WS the year I was born, and won in 1982 – my step dad and I slept outside Busch Stadium (R.I.P. to the old stadium) for game 7 bleacher seats, so I saw them win the last time -- I may have to go this year if they make it to the WS, especially since this will be the last games played in the old Busch Stadium.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Yeah, we were born the same year so we have the same experiences there.

Of course, when we were born the Blues were making a habit of losing Stanley Cup finals as well...but that is another arena of pain I'd rather not bring up.