Sunday, April 30, 2006

Do Old Blogs Just Fade Away?

It amazes me to see so many people check out this blog on a semi-regular basis, or that so many stumble across it by accident. Lord knows it hasn't been a going concern for quite some time. For any of those who really enjoyed my writing, I'm sorry about that.

The main trouble I have with blogging in general is that after awhile you feel like you are having the same arguments over and over. It can get a little tedious. I suppose this is why newspaper columnists can become so mind numbingly boring.

Oh, dont get me wrong. I can still get worked up over things...I just can't get that worked up about writing about them. I will keep the blog alive until the day comes and I do get fired up about my writing. That could happen next week or even tomorrow.

Anybody want to place a bet on when I come back full time?